Weekly Updates #65 – Mind your Jumps

Well, well, well … look who’s here! It’s you again! Welcome to your favourite Weekly Updates blog! This week was a very proactive one. I managed to add several new challenges. In all, there are 5 new and unique challenges. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

First of all, as most novelties are platform challenges, I will introduce them one by one. I will just introduce them and briefly describe how they work. I’ve also recorded videos for most of the challenges.

All of these challenges are of the generic type. This means that any of these can be chosen for any level. That’s why they all have a heavy vaporwave/shopping mall theme.

But keep in mind that I haven’t had the time to incorporate them into the game yet. Thus, no loot for now…

Challenge #1


The first challenge consists of several vertically moving platforms and three distinct elevations.

The idea is to use the moving platforms to climb the central obstacle to reach the final elevations.

The most observant of you have probably noticed that the middle elevation has a cracked wall. This is a useful shortcut to avoid wasting time on moving platforms.


Here’s a small video showing it off:

[embedded content]

Challenge #2


This second challenge consists mainly of two symmetrical forked paths with several mobile platforms. At the end of each branch, a switch can be found.

The idea is to activate both of those. Once they’re both on, a super-secret room opens up at the beginning to reveal the loot.

If you make a mistake, use the nearest ladder and start again from there. After all, you can’t rush these: you’ll have to take your time …

[embedded content]

Challenge #3


This challenge is not so much a “platform” as a “puzzle” … It does not have a mobile platform, but ladders and stairs.

This challenge consists of a series of toggle switches. Here, whenever a switch is toggled, its immediate neighbours get toggled too. The trick here is to toggle the right sequence of toggle switches to turn them all on at once… Some would say that this kind of puzzle is a “classic”. While they’re somehow right, the thing is that here we can’t see all switches at once. Thus you have to memorize it.

Once all toggle switches are on, the loot will appear at the back of the room.

[embedded content]

Challenge #4


For this next challenge, there’s a balanced mix of puzzling and platforming. It’s split into three sub-challenges: a toggle switch puzzle, a moving platform challenge and lastly a pressure plate puzzle.

The first one is a 3×3 version of the switch puzzle seen in challenge #2. However, unlike the latter, it’s much more open and less convoluted.

The second one is a platforming course. Any mistakes will result in you restarting the whole course.

Finally, the last one is a pressure plate puzzle. The idea is to use pushable blocks to activate pressure plates. Except it’s not as easy as it seems…

All of these must be completed in order. After clearing everything, the last part opens up, revealing the loot.

Unfortunately, this challenge isn’t complete yet. There are essential things not yet implemented, like pushable blocks…

So no video for now… 😢

Challenge #5


Finally, here’s the last challenge. A pure platforming challenge, it’s quite vertical and very spacious. 

The goal is quite simple: climb the tower.

There are moving platforms to help you. But be warned: these platforms are small, narrow and quick. Proceed with caution!

However, make one mistake and it’s back to square one. So take your time and don’t rush!

[embedded content]

  • Added Screen Space Reflexions

For the next week, I plan to add more challenges while trying to integrate these first in the game. There are several ways to do it, but to stay in the theme of the vaporwave I think I’ll replace the steps by an elevator (small elevator music included). I just need to model it and to add it to the maps’ generation process.

Otherwise, I still have pieces of equipment to add. After that, it’s your usual suspects.

So yeah, that’s about it!


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