Snake – Cutscenes and… Thank goodness for Github!

Last weekend I was still thinking through how I wanted to store all the map, texture, and sound assets for cut-scenes.  Since then I’ve managed to work through the asset management, and have completed playback of the opening cut-scenes for levels in story mode.  There are a few things coding-wise that I’m not entirely happy with, but cut-scene playback does now work without issue.

  • I did attempt to refactor the rendering of maps into something re-usable for both the main level, and maps displayed during cut-scenes.  I ran into technical issues getting the shared rendering code to work, and ultimately back-tracked to duplicating the code.  Not where I want to be there for sure…  The C++ 11 std::function and lambda expressions are what I struggled with a little there.  I’m keeping a mental note to explore these further so that I won’t struggle with it next time.
  • During both game-play, and cut-scene playback, maps are fully rendered every single frame.  It should be possible to instead render them to a separate texture, and just treat that fully rendered map as a sprite.  Performance hasn’t been an issue, given how simple this game is.  But it’s something I’ll be keeping in mind for the future.

In other news, I am super relieved that I chose to use GitHub, and push to it regularly while developing this game.  I had a catastrophic failure with my main development PC, and have been able to continue working on this game without interruption on my laptop.  Phew!! 😅

Ok, it’s not entirely true it has been without interruption…  I have a nasty habit of accidentally tapping the touchpad on this damned laptop while typing, and having the cursor reposition itself all over the place in my editor. 😩

With cut-scene playback effectively in the bag, it’s time to start actually crafting the opening cut-scene for story mode.  Then I’ll be working on adding more types of food, crafting more levels, and generally working on the actual game I want to make!  I’ve added everything I’ll be working on as Issues over on GitHub:


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