Concept art for a remake of Abadox

First of all, I’m new. Hi!

Anyway, I’m mostly an artist and a fan of an NES game called Abadox, which I’d like to remake as a PS2-era survival horror game. I’m a big Silent Hill fan and I love the idea of a game where you’re inside the body of a giant monster where it’s pitch black aside from what your flashlight illuminates (plus maybe there’s some bio-luminescence as well), and none of it is pretty. 

This was an idea I originally had about 14 years ago, so some of what I’ll be posting is old. But recently, I’ve revived the idea and I’ve decided to be more serious about it. I used to work for a small video game developing company so I know how to model and animate. Granted, I don’t know programming or game design, so I may need help with that eventually (also not sure how to deal with the copyright issue, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it), but for now I’m just playing with the general look of the monsters and such.

I would love some feedback. First I’ll get some older drawings out of the way. Everything after this will be new.



glamour shot.jpg


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