Mixer streamers can now earn cash for recommending Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft-owned streaming platform Mixer is running a new promotion that incentives its streamers to recommend Xbox Game Pass subscriptions to their viewers, offering those streamers a small sum each time their referral code is used. 

It’s another example of Microsoft leveraging two different sides of its game business to benefit one another, following in the footsteps of initiatives like the Mixer Direct Purchase program before it.

This time around, the arrangement nets partnered Mixer streamers $3 for every new Xbox Game Pass subscription (or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate upgrade) that registers using that streamer’s code.

It does require streamers to be Mixer Partners to take advantage of the promotion, a tier that typically requires an account to meet certain follower, quality, and stream frequency requirements to even apply.

On Mixer’s side, a blog post says that the promotion is a result of the “important role [Mixer partners] play in the discovery of new games,” and notes that another announcement tying the two services together is in the works as well.


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