[Rev-Share] Artist and/or game designer wanted for VR spell creation game

I am working on a game for VR where you create spells by drawing symbols in air and combining them in interesting ways to create various unique spells. Here is a video detailing how the mechanics of the game work.


The game takes place in a wizards tower.



Different rooms have portals that lead to different “dream worlds” that have distinctive themes. Each world is like a Mario 64 world with different power orbs to collect.



Each orb will require you to solve a puzzle or defeat enemies by building spells tailored to the situation. The puzzles are open ended and will have many solutions. Power orbs can be spent to increase player power such as increasing health, mana, spell damage, or move speed.

So far the team is just me. I am primarily a programmer with enough skill in blender to create functional assets for the game.

I really need an artist to bring their artistic style to the project. Take the art direction anywhere you would like while keeping the amount of work required to finish the project achievable. I don’t have the budget to pay you upfront for your work. You will get a share of any revenue that may come from the game.

I would also love help on game design, particularly with level, puzzle, spell, and enemy ideas. I’m not even looking for someone with professional experience in this regard.

If this project is interesting to you, even if you don’t fit the descriptions above, I may be able to use your help so go ahead and PM me. 

There are more story details but I left them out of this post for brevity. If you are interested on the current direction for the story I can post it here or PM you the details.


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