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Access Control and protected

19th August 2014 admin 0

Aug 19, 2014 The response to support for access control in Swift has been extremely positive. However, some developers have been asking, “Why doesn’t Swift […]

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Value and Reference Types

15th August 2014 admin 0

Aug 15, 2014 Types in Swift fall into one of two categories: first, “value types”, where each instance keeps a unique copy of its data, […]

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8th August 2014 admin 0

Aug 8, 2014 Many people have asked about the Balloons playground we demonstrated when introducing Swift at WWDC. Balloons shows that writing code can be […]

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6th August 2014 admin 0

Aug 5, 2014 The boolean Bool type in Swift underlies a lot of primitive functionality, making it an interesting demonstration of how to build a […]